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Czechs move on clusters

February 10, 2009


The Czech Republic’s first biotech cluster, CzechBio, was formed in December 2008 – involves 20 private companies and research institutions, including the Czech Academy of Sciences.

A goal is to build a National Centre for Biotechnological Production.

‘In the whole of Europe there are only a handful of these centres and construction of one here would substantially accelerate research and sales,” says Marek Moša, chairman of CzechBio.

More details at First cluster of biotechnology firms established in the Czech Republic

Czechs and the rest

July 24, 2008

According to an Ernst & Young survey, the Czech Republic has held its position as one of the world’s 10 most attractive countries for foreign direct investment, this year taking the 9th spot. China has been ranked the most attractive destination for FDI – ahead of Eastern Europe and Western Europe.

§          Europe has lost its longstanding No. 1 “attractiveness” position. China accounts for 47% followed by India (30%) and Russia (21%). USA is next.

§           “How to” invest is more important than “how much”. Key issues are political and legal stability (54%), telecoms infrastructure (51%) and labor costs (47%).

§          When asked how to make Europe more attractive, respondents cited increased flexibility in labor markets (42%) and simplified regulations (39%).

§          “Investors are also calling for innovation in education and the supply chain. Alongside high technology clustering and R&D, respondents also seek innovation in high-performance communication channels (48%), creative education (34%) and supply chains (27%)”

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