about us


We want to share some of our interesting adventures and insights with you.  And introduce you to our worldwide network of friends.

What do we do? Our specialty is investment attraction, industry clusters, regional development, hard and soft infrastructure, innovation policy, scoping and realising your ideas – and accessing government grants to this end.  We walk the talk on collaboration! People tell us we are OK at this.

We talk a lot about ‘iconic projects’ and ‘best practice’. This is our mantra because there is no point in accepting second-rate outcomes. We also reserve the right to make political comment – but we tread warily because we respect our members, some of whom operate in political spheres.

We also manage a global network of collaborators with an interest in the above. My monthly newsletter is called ‘Cockatoo’ – it updates our members on the latest research projects, business opportunities, and new policies, programs, government grants etc.

We also have a ‘Cockatoo Connect’service, which brings urgent information to the attention of members, and connects people with people. 

Our base is Canberra, Australia’s beautiful capital. We have members in all states of Australia, and in 33 countries – so we get about. Our members include company executives, government officials, academics, industry association executives, farmers, regional development practitioners, politicians, students and retirees etc.

‘Cockatoo’ is a non-profit initiative and basic membership is free. We share ideas, leads, experiences. We are currently linking clusters across the world, because we figure that companies and people with collaborative mindsets gravitate to cluster and network agendas. We also offer Inner Circle membership at $200 per year – this includes Cockatoo Connect as well as the hot goss on funding opportunities and commercial opportunities.

To make room for others, if we don’t hear from you every six months or so you get the flick. If you wish to join the Cockatoo fraternity and keep abreast of exciting agendas, please contact us at apdcockatoo@iprimus.com.au

6 Responses to “about us”

  1. Juliet Bautista Says:

    I am surfing for innovations in footwear and came across this. I would like to get copies of your Cockatoo publication if possible

    thank you
    Juliet Bautista
    Engineering Director
    Nike Guangzhou

    • Jey Florido Says:

      Do you by any chance know Flordeliza Sepe Santiago from the Philippines?
      I am her niece and she’s asked me to help with her search for a long lost friend by the name of Julie Bautista who, as she remembers, moved to Italy.

  2. Kym Fuller Says:

    Having worked with Rod now for some months, his input and assistance into our future strategic direction has been invaluable. Rod’s direction has taken our council from a poor cap in hand remote council to a best practice business modelled entity who specialises in community development for rural and remote Australia.
    Thanks Cockatoo!

    Kym Fuller
    Central Darling Shire Council
    Wilcannia Outback New South Wales

  3. Joanne Gere Says:

    Greetings from N. America- in preparation for a conference on Atlantic Marine Industry Opportunities, to be held in New Jersey in 2011, I’ve come across your lively blog- thank you for your insights-

    Joanne Gere
    BioScience Collaborative
    Princeton, New Jersey US

  4. Nicole Says:

    Dear folks at Cockatoo

    Many thanks for continuing to keep us wired into what is happening in regional development circles in Australia and overseas – you should be charging people for this service

    Nicole (Sydney)

  5. Ian C Says:

    Hi Cockatoo – I have been writing an essay on economic development in the third world, and I found heaps of valuable material on the role of clusters in organising things. Thank you!


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