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Reflections on Brazil’s clusters

March 6, 2001

Mr. Alfredo Lopes Neto (Coordenador do Suporte Estratégico, Fortaleza, Brazil – has kindly forwarded a copy of the paper delivered at the World Congress on Clusters (Paris, January 2001).

The document is in French – a rough translation of a key section is as follows.  The processes vary greatly according to their nature but they generally imply the following elements (many of which are simultaneous):

·          Identification of actors and champions in the cluster
·          Use of consultants to scope the possibilities before the parties commit to constructive dialogue.
·          Development of a group vision.
·          Research and analysis, in order to arrive at a common level of understanding.
·          Prioritisation of the key factors to secure the competitiveness of the cluster.
·          Formation of working groups and teams to work on specific projects for the cluster.
·          A continuing focus on medium and long-term steps that must be followed to deliver the competitiveness of the cluster. 

The appropriate functions for government include:

·          To create a context that motivates innovation and progress.

·          To reinforce the formation of the cluster and its constant adjustment.