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Linking clusters with Greece

January 31, 2013

Greece is at a critical point in its long and proud history. Its ability to overcome its economic difficulties will arguably depend on forging new global partnerships with external players.

To this end, the Cockatoo Network is interested in identifying how and where joint ventures might be developed between Greek and Australian businesses as part of Greece’s recovery program – the rationale is that Australia has weathered the GFC relatively well, it has companies hungry to expand into new global markets, and our nations have a strong cultural and social affinity that can underpin the commercial relationship.

The problem however is that new trade and investment joint ventures do not come easily. In our experience, the biggest problem is information failure – the likely partners are not aware of each other and the support agencies are not sufficiently connected. The process of engagement is therefore slow and often a matter of luck. We want to speed this process and bring a new dynamic into the relationship via the linking of companies with collaborative mindsets. The key roles of the Cockatoo Network will be to:

1. Identify the mutual business opportunities for Australian and Greek companies.
2. Present these opportunities to the relevant companies.
3. Engage other relevant stakeholders, including support agencies.

We are currently in discussions with the Australian Government, industry chambers and industry associations. If you have a likely interest in this subject – wherever you are – please contact us ASAP.