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Investment incentives in Europe – an update

May 13, 2008


Belgium’s 40% investment subsidies!

SPL INFO has brought some interesting mapping activity to our attention. It maps companies, business and science parks and clusters – all supported by the Directorate General for Economy and Employment of the Walloon Region. The database is also now online – gives information about facilities, geographical location and business parks in Wallonia.

BUT of most significance is the information on investment incentives available on the website – it makes us non-Europeans weep! The European and regional financial incentives are up to 21% of the investment (large companies) and 18% (SMEs). Depending on the location (e.g. tax incentive zone or redevelopment area), a regional support measure supplemented by a European support measure can cover up to 30% to 40% of the investment – this can also be increased by an employment grant.

And EC subsidises 30% of Poland’s investment projects…


And to rub more salt into the wound, according to a study by the Wroclaw Agency of Regional Development in Poland, EC subsidies are helping to increase the country’s GDP. Polish entrepreneurs have started 14,500 subsidised projects worth 4.7 billion euros since 2004. Investment in new projects will peak in 2013, when European subsidies will help to implement almost 30% more projects. Chief economist for BZ WBK said: “Even if the world slows down, Poland will have a relatively high investment level. As long as companies can count on EU subsidies, investments will be profitable.”