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Competitive Cities in the 21st Century

December 16, 2011

Professor Brian Roberts has informed us of the release of his latest work, co-authored with the late KyeongAe Choe. The book is basically about clusters inAsia and it is an absolute treasure trove!

The background is that economic challenges in developing Asian countries are now more complex – urban populations are growing at great cost to the environment, climate change has increased risks of natural disasters, and income gaps within and between developing countries are widening. These factors threaten the sustainable growth of urban areas, the drivers ofAsia’s economy. A strategic approach for inclusive growth is therefore needed.

The City Cluster Economic Development approach provides a strategic framework and analytical tools. The approach was developed and tested by the Asian Development Bank to improve the basis for integrated planning and development of urban regions. The chapters include:

  • Factors Shaping the Spatial Agglomeration of Asian Cities.
  • Emerging Factors Accelerating Urban Economic Growth.
  • The Cluster: Theory, Analysis, and Experience in Agglomerated Asian Cities.
  • Building Competitive Local Economies: Approach and Analytical Steps.
  • Cluster-Based City Economic Development in Bangladesh,India and Sri Lanka.
  • A New Paradigm of Local Economic Development for Growing Asian Cities.

Hard copy = $US40 – go to