Wagga’s competitive advantage = SPORT


Researchers are to uncover ‘why’ Wagga Wagga has produced so many sporting champions. Griffith University is leading research into identifying potential elite athletes. Rather than standard biophysical measures, the aim is to explain why areas such as Wagga produce more elite athletes than others – also involved are the Australian Sports Commission, Australian Institute of Sport, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia and the Australian Football League following a $300k grant from the Australian Research Council.

The ”Wagga syndrome” has produced rugby league greats Peter Sterling, Chris & Steve Mortimer & Arthur Summons, AFL stars Wayne Carey & Paul Kelly, 400 metres runner Patrick Dwyer, golfer Steve Elkington, cricketers Mark Taylor, Michael Slater & Geoff Lawson, tennis champion Tony Roche. The team will study the family-club-social support networks for elite athletes, how recruiters perceive talent and home-town advantage. (Discussed this at a conference a few years back – Wagga factors suggested were the lack of non-sports options for youths and very good sports amenities – Editor).

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