Re-birth of Remote Region Research Body in Australia


Industry Minister Kim Carr has announced that seven Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) have been granted $130 million ($US120m) in the CRC Program’s latest selection round. The CRCs are:

  • Advanced Composite Structures ($14 million)
  • Infrastructure and Engineering Asset Management ($12 million) – for defence assets.
  • Environmental Biotechnology ($4 million)
  • Optimising Resource Extraction ($17.5 million)
  • Remote Economic Participation ($32.5 million)
  • Wound Management Innovation CRC ($28 million)
  • Vision ($22 million) – to deliver revolutionary vision care treatments for eye problems.

The most interesting is the CRC for Remote Economic Participation – to close the gap on Aboriginal disadvantage and develop economically sustainable communities in remote areas. It resurrects the Desert Knowledge CRC whose funding was flagged about 12 months ago. We are advised that Indigenous issues simply couldn’t allow the Desert Knowledge agenda to fail – the proponents were told how to recast their agenda – and voila! Jan Ferguson remains the Director, and it flies again from July 2010.  Cockatoo is proposing to work with this CRC.

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