Green Jobs – relevant to many members


Cockatoo members should note the 30 July announcement of 50,000 new green jobs and training opportunities for a greener Australian economy – involves $94 million pump-priming exercise as a ‘major reform of Australia’s training system to help support jobs and communities being hit by the local consequence of a severe global recession’.

Leaving aside the hyperbole, there is an opportunity for readers to access some of this funding, and to leverage federal support for other submissions to the feds. The components are:

  • 10,000 member National Green Jobs Corps – long term unemployed youth take part in 26 weeks of green job training and work experience.
  • 30,000 apprentices trained with new Green Skills -tradies complete their training with practical job-ready green skills.
  • 4,000 training places for insulation installers – to help long term unemployed or disadvantaged people into the workforce (Shudder at this waste of public funds!)
  • 6,000 new local green jobs – focus on environmental sustainability in priority local economies.

The National Green Jobs Corps is most relevant to local government because it involves a 26-week environmental training program for 18-24 year-olds in bush regeneration and planting native trees; wildlife and fish habitat protection; walking and nature track construction/restoration.

We have made some preliminary enquiries – no Department has yet put their hand up, but DEEWR is the obvious candidate. Contact us at for more details.

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