Japanese urged to facilitate inwards FDI (BEST PRACTICE)


A new report from Harvard Business School researchers suggests that Japan’s hierarchical forms of business organization serve to impede innovation by “locking out” certain forms of new ideas and concepts. The authors say Japan needs to introduce new legislative measures that break up these barriers.

Suggested reforms include stricter antitrust enforcement, improving the legal infrastructure (e.g., supporting training for more business law attorneys), and lowering barriers to foreign investment.

All of these steps will help free up the flow of ideas and creativity in Japan’s business sectors.  “Capitalizing on Innovation:  The Case of Japan,” by Robert Dujarric and Andrei Hagiu, Harvard Business School.

Contributed by Mark Marich at Entrepreneurship.ORG

One Response to “Japanese urged to facilitate inwards FDI (BEST PRACTICE)”

  1. Eelectric bicycles Says:

    I think you are absolutely right about Jpapanese to lower barriers for foreight investors, Because I have just learned that it is easier for Japanese to invest in our market than for to invest in theirs

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