EC Innovation Hubs – pointer for other regions!



In 2005, EC President José Manuel Barroso came up with the idea of EC innovation hubs. And the Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is now working towards the launch in 2009 of the first hubs – to be known as Knowledge and Innovation Centres (KICs).


They will cover climate change, renewable energy and ICT. The first Board meeting is in Budapest on 15 September.


The details have not been revealed, but there are references to virtual centres of scientific collaboration, and the bringing together of ‘departments of universities, companies and research institutes to form an integrated partnership to perform education and innovation activities in inter-disciplinary strategic areas’.


Sounds like the usual stuff, although the difference is that they’re aiming to stimulate collaboration across the EC. It provides an interesting precedent for ASEAN and APEC as they attempt to harness technological collaboration in the Asia Pacific region. The Cooperative Research Centres (Australia) and Crown Research Institutes (New Zealand) could provide nodes of such networks. However it will be some time before the CRCs are ready to drive international collaboration. Their combined track record has been underwhelming, and the recent review of the CRC Program makes no major references to the role of CRCs in international collaboration. (Source: EDGE News)

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