Marine Industry – Gold Coast


A meeting of Forum members in late 2001 voted to establish the Gold Coast Marine Industry Association in Australia.

It now has 60 members drawn from a cross-section of the region’s marine industry. The key issues that occupied the time of the Association in its formative years are as follows.

Training Needs Analysis

The association was oncerned that industry growth could lead to severe labour and skill shortages, hence a Training Needs Analysis was commissioned. Completed in 2002, it was a catalyst for the Queensland Department of Employment and Training and the Gold Coast TAFE to significantly expanded their marine industry training activities for both skilled trades and in supervisory roles. 

Gold Coast Broadwater Navigation Channels and River Dredging

The Gold Coast’s estuary system demands constant dredging and channel management. The situation has become critical e.g. Broadwater, Coomera River. The Gold Coast Marine Precinct, with its important super yacht refit and maintenance facilities, is located upstream on the Coomera River. A task force won a commitment from the State Government and dredging is underway. 

Overseas Boat Shows

The Gold Coast Marine Industry Association, in conjunction with Gold Coast City Council, assisted members to enter export markets through jointly funded displays at IBEX Miami and Boat Shows in Fort Lauderdale, Dubai, Phuket, Singapore and Shanghai. 

Future directions

The Association is currently planning the following initiatives:
§          The development of generic promotional material.
§          Production of newsletters and membership directories.
§          Facilitation of forums and seminars covering appropriate business issues.
§          Lobbying to address business constraints e.g. transport, environmental & infrastructure issues.
§          Supporting a marine industry supply chain study and strategy development.
§          Assisting development of the marine industry as an internationally recognised centre of excellence.
§          Seeking funding to research marine industry training needs & develop professional training programs.
§          Liaising with Local, State and Federal governments re impediments to industry growth. 

Upcoming tasks are to form alliances and combine capabilities to achieve success, as well as developing local, interstate and international markets for products and services.   


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